Pinokio was a story telling from Italy, 1148 words.


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A long time ago, in a small town, there lived an old toymaker named Gepetto. He sold wooden toys that he made to get by. The only thing the old toymaker regretted in his life was not having a child.

One day, when he was walking in the forest, he found just a right log for his new toy.

“Just a log I was looking for. I will make a beautiful puppet with it.”

Gepetto took a log on his back and carried it to his workshop. He put the log on his table and started to carv. But suddenly, something unexpected happened and he heard a voice coming from the log.



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Gepetto was stunned at first but then thought that he was mistaken. Gepetto kept on carving but then he heard the same voice again.


“I must be getting really old, I am hearing voices.”

Gepetto kept on working. First, a head of the puppet came out. Then finally his arms and legs followed. Gepetto finally finished the puppet, shading on a chair, and started to tidy up. At that moment, he heard another  voice.


Gepetto looked around stunned, but he could not see anybody else then the wooden puppet so he kept on with his work. After a short while, the puppet jumped down from the chair and started to dancing in the room. Seeing this, Gepetto was really surprised.


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“Oh my god, this puppet is alive.

Of course it was not a real kid but it showed a laugh, talk, and play like one. Gepetto held the puppet in his arms.

“From now on, your name shall be Pinokio, my child.”

Gepetto and Pinokio started to have happy times together.

It was time for Pinokio to go to school but Gepetto did not have the money to buy Pinokio his school’s stationery. Therefore, he sold his coat and gave the money to Pinokio. Pinokio took the money and got on his way to school with joy. Watching all the shops, people, and the market places on the way. Suddenly,  he found a puppet show. He saw a man played a puppet on the stage.

Pinokio said, “It is easy. I can do better than that.”

Then, he jumped to the stage and danced. The puppet master didn’t like him. But not for the audience. They like Pinokio’s dancing. Even there were more people came to his show. So, he was grateful to Pinokio. He gave Pinokio some gold.


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“Thank you for the golds, sir. I will buy a new coat for my father.” Said him.

Pinokio went home with a smile in his face. He didn’t go to the school. On the way home, he didn’t realize that there were a fox and cat hunted for his gold.


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“Boy, can we talk to you. I have a secret. I can double your gold if you want.” Said fox and cat.

“Really? Please double it, sir.” Pinokio asked.

“Okay, you have to put your gold in front of that tree. Then, you have to sleep. When you wake up, the gold will be doubled.” Asked them to Pinokio.

Then, Pinokio did what they asked. When he woke up, he found his body tie down the tree. He was crying until a fairy came to him.

“Poorboy, I will save you. But you have to drink this juice first.” Said fairy.

Without hesitation, he drank the juice. Then, the fairy saved him.

“Now, I want to ask you. Did you go to the school today?” Fairy asked.

“Yes, I did.”

At the time he lied, Pinokio’s nose became longer.

Don’t lie to me boy because everytime you lie, your nose will became longer. You can lie as you like if you want to have a long nose!” Said fairy.

“Please forgive me, I won’t lie again. I promise.” He begged.

So, the fairy released her magic to make his nose normal again. She asked Pinokio to go home. On the home, he met his father.

“My son, how about your school today?”

“It was good, father. I learned many new things in school.”

Pinokio wondered why his nose didn’t turn longer when he lied to his father. He thought the fairy’s magic didn’t affect to him anymore. On the next day, just like yesterday, he didn’t go to school again. He came to the amusement park on the middle way.

After one hour of playing in the park, he decided to go home. Suddenly, he became a donkey. The man on the amusement park saw him. He made him as a circus animal.


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His father worried about him and wondered why his son didn’t comeback on time. So, he tried to find him. Until, he came to the amusement park. He went to the circus and saw a donkey which was Pinokio.

“Excuse me sir, can I see that donkey. Why it is crying? I wonder about this donkey. It look like my son.” Said Gepetto.

“It is impossible sir, It is a donkey!” said the man.

“No, I am sure now. It was my son, Pinokio. What happened to you, son?”

Pinokio could not answer his father. He could do anything except crying. Then, the fairy appeared again. She talked to Pinokio and turned him into a human again.

“I have told you son, do not lie!” You have broken your promise.”

“Please, forgive me fairy. I am very regretful. If you find me lie again, you can turn me into anything. But, please forgive me this time. I swear to the god, I will never lie again” Asked him.

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Pinokio became a very clever boy after that day and always listen to his father. Went to school everyday and after school, he ran home to help his father in his workshop.

The fairy saw what amazed Pinokio became and decided to give him a prize. One night when Pinokio was sleeping, she came next to his bed and cast the spell on him. In the morning, Pinokio woke-up to get school, as always. A few of minutes after he was getting out of bed, he realized that something was different. First, he looked at his hand, and then to his body, he was shocked! He was not made of wood anymore, he was a normal boy. He jumped with joy from his bed and ran next to his father.


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“Father..father…look at me!”

Seeing Pinokio as a real boy made Gepetto very happy.

“Finally, I have a real son!”

Father and son, they hugged each other with tears of joy. Pinokio never lied again and his nose always stay where it was.

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