Lesson Plan Class 7 for the Second 2 Weeks Group Work with Ika Indah Sari

1st Week & 2nd Week by Ika Indah Sari


School               :   Junior High School

Subject             :   English

Class                 :   VII

Semester          :   I

Month                :   1(3rd week, 1st meeting)

Language skill  :   Writing

Genre                   :   Descriptive Text

Theme                  :   Person

Topic                     :   Describing Person

Time                      :   2 x 40 minutes

Curriculum         :   2013


A. Competency Standard

Expressing functional significance in oral text and short     monologues very simple form of descriptive to interact with the nearest environment.


B. Basic Competence

Responding the meaning of oral short simple in descriptive text accurately, fluently, and available for doing interaction and introducing someone to the others with the nearest environment.


C. Indicator

  • Completing the missing words in descriptive text.
  • Arranging a text about describing person.
  • Writing a text about describing person.


D. Learning Objectives

  • Students are able to mention human body part.
  • Students are able to complete the missing words in descriptive text.
  • Students are able to arrange the jumble sentences to make a good descriptive text.
  • Students are able to write a text about describing person.


E. Learning Materials 

  • Explanation about human body part.
  • A task about complete the missing words in descriptive text.
  • A task about arrange the jumble sentences to make good descriptive text.
  • A task about write simple descriptive text based on person that students like.



p style=”text-align:justify;”>F. Approach and Method

  • Approach : Cooperative Language Learning
  • Method: Discussion


G. Teaching Learning Activities

No. Teacher Activities Students Activities Technique Media Time
1. Set Induction

1.   Greeting, praying and checking the students’ attendance

2.   Giving leading question.

3.   Stating learning objectives


Responding  and greeting



Answer the questions

Paying attention


Question and Answer



Question and Answer










2. Main activities

1.      Introducing some vocabularies to describe a person to students.

2.      Asking the students to find their partner

3.      Asking the students to do task 1 in group.

4.      Discussing the answer together with the class.

5.      Asking the students to do task 2 individually.

6.      Asking the students to submit their work


Paying attention



Working with partner


Doing exercise I in group


Discussing the answer together with the class.

Doing exercise II individually

Submitting the worksheet







3. Closure

1.      Summarizing and giving conclusion about the materials given

2.      Greeting and praying


Summarizing the materials given




Question and Answer



H. Media and Sources

Media         : real things, whiteboard, and board marker              

Sources      : http://www.belajarbahasainggris.us

I. Instructional Materials

Leading Questions

Look at the pictures carefully!

  1. Do you know who they are? (showing the picture of Raisa Andriana and Adipati Dolken)
  2. Do they have short hair?
  3. What are the colors of their hair?
  4. How about their face?
  5. How about their nose?


 Physical Apperance is the characteristics of someone that is looked from outside.

  • Introducing vocabularies




  • Straight hair
  • Wavy hair
  • Curly hair

* Hair-cut

  • Spike
  • Ponytail


  • Bald Hair
  • Thick

*Color : Blonde, black, dark, brown, white, gray, red

2. Face

  • Square
  • Oval
  • Round

3. Eyes

*Type : Slanting , Big round

*Color : green, blue, brown , gray, black

4. Skin

Tanned, silky, baby-soft, glowing, dry, rough, dark-skinned

  1. Nose: flat, pointed
  2. Mouth: wide, thin lips, full lips
  3. Chin: pointed, firm, weak
  4. Height and Build
  • Tall
  • Short
  • Slim (positive)
  • Fat  (negative)
  • Overweight (neutral)
  • Muscular
  • Well-built
  • Stocky
  1. Ears           : big, small
  2. Age            : young, middle aged, elderly, old



This is Raisa Andriana. She is a singer. She is a very beautiful woman. She has a long and straight hair. The color of her hair is black.  She also has a sharp nose. Raisa wears white gown.

  • Task I ( Pair Work)

 Match the word with the appropriate meaning correctly in pairs!

  1. Shoulder
  2. Chest
  3. Wrist
  4. Tongue
  5. Beard
  6. Moustache
  7. Hip
  8. Ankle
  9. Back
  10. Toe
  1. Lidah
  2. Jari kaki
  3. Dada
  4. Punggung
  5. Bahu
  6. Janggut
  7. Pergelangan tangan
  8. Pinggul
  9. Pergelangan kaki
  10. Kumis
  11. Gigi
  • Task II (group work)

Fill the blanks with the appropriate words in the box correctly!

Wavy               slim                  bald                 fair                   moustache                   chubby
  1. The man is ___________. He doesn’t have much hair.
  2. Almost all girls want to have ____________ body.
  3. My father grows a ____________ above his upper lip. He is very proud of it.
  4. My little brother is cute and ____________. Everyone wants to touch him.
  5. The actress has _____________ complexion and ___________ hair
  • Task III (group work)

Arrange the sentences below into a good descriptive text.

  1. His skin is light brown.
  2. He has a flat nose.
  3. He has a long hair and the color of his hair is blonde.
  4. He does not wear glasses.
  5. Sule is a male and he is a comedian.
  • Task IV (Individual Task)

Write simple descriptive text about one of your family member


J. Assessment

Product evaluation

Writing test

Write simple descriptive text about person that students like.

Process Evaluation

Assessment Guide :

  1. Task 1

Maximum Score : 10 x 3 = 30

  1. Task 2

Maximum Score : 5 x 4 = 20

  1. Task 3

Assessment Rubrics :

No. Description Score







The structure of the language is correct, the characteristics of the language are correct, the structure of the sentence is correct

The structure of the language is wrong, the characteristics of the language are correct, the structure of the sentence is correct

The structure of the language is wrong, the characteristics of the language are wrong, the structure of the sentence is correct

The structure of the language is wrong, the characteristics of the language are wrong, the structure of the sentence is correct








Total score : Task I + Task II + Task III  = 100



a.  Shoulder     : bahu

Chest           : Dada

c.   Wrist            : Pergelangan Tangan

d.  Tongue        : Lidah

e.  Beard           : Janggut / Jenggot

f.    Moustache   : Kumis

g.   Hip               : Pinggul

h.   Ankle           : Pergelangan kaki

i.    Back            : Punggung

j.    Toe              : Jari kaki


  1. Bald
  2. Slim
  3. Moustache
  4. Chubby
  5. Fair and wavy hair


      Adipati Dolken is a male and he is an actor. He has a short hair and the color of his hair is black. He does not wear glasses. He has a sharp nose. His skin is tanned.



  1. This is Jessica Iskandar. She has long hair and the color  of her hair is black. Her hair is curly, she is tall. She has sharp nose. Her face is oval. She does not have a big round eyes, her eyes is slanting.
  1. This is Barrack Obama. He has dark skin, his hair is bald. He has sharp nose.



Pinokio was a story telling from Italy, 1148 words.


All picture are from Google

A long time ago, in a small town, there lived an old toymaker named Gepetto. He sold wooden toys that he made to get by. The only thing the old toymaker regretted in his life was not having a child.

One day, when he was walking in the forest, he found just a right log for his new toy.

“Just a log I was looking for. I will make a beautiful puppet with it.”

Gepetto took a log on his back and carried it to his workshop. He put the log on his table and started to carv. But suddenly, something unexpected happened and he heard a voice coming from the log.

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About Soulmate

About Soulmate, 109 kata

About Soulmate
Diedit di Instagram

She is my sunshine who lights me in the dark;

She is an extrovert girl…the only girl changed me from introvert to extrovert after she had been married a few years ago;

She is my beloved friend…my best buddies. I did not need someone else, as long as I had her;

She is my soulmate…the one and only girl who I slept with, spent the night with, went to a new place with, and bought weird accessories with;

She is my little sister. Loved her so much Nunuk! 😘😍😘❤❤❤ #mylittlesister #memories #soulmate


Pernah diposting di Instagram Irofaruk.

~ Because Every Picture Has Its Own Story ~

Man looks like a woman

picture by Google

He was special person who worked against the bright lights, dark nights. There was no one wanted to live like him, because human beings were created naturally equipped with a conscience, and every conscience certainly clear and pure, I believed that.

From one place to another, wearing clothes that were not supposed to, sometimes flirted, and hated with our gender, “Hawa”.

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Susunan Adjective

Hi guys,

Selamat malam yang lagi di rumah, yang udah siap-siap bobo manis karena cuaca dingin pasca hujan tadi. Atau yang lagi di jalan, hati-hati ya, jalannya licin, tapi itu di Cikarang-Bekasi, nggak tahu di sana, semoga aman-aman saja, aamiin. Dan bagi yang sudah bobo beneran, jangan lupa mimpiin Cinta ya *Eeet dah! ^__^>

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Novel Review : Terlalu Cinta

Picture by Myself


Tittle                            :           Terlalu Cinta

Author                          :           Pelantan Lubuk

Number of Pages        :           310 Pages

Publisher                      :           Mazaya Publishing House, Tasikmalaya – Jawa Barat

Edition                         :           First Published, December 2015

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Belajar yuks!

Hallo semua, how’s everything? What have you learned all this day?

Kali ini Cinta mau membagikan sedikit ilmu yang biasa, biasa banget, bahkan mungkin ada yang udah pinter dan lebih ngerti daripada Cinta, pastinya dunk, teman-teman blog Cinta kan emang udah pinter-pinter semua so give applause to all of you guys, prok prok prok!

Tapi guys, mungkin ada yang suatu saat nanti butuh , dan ini berguna juga bagi Cinta karena di akhir semester ini akan ada tugas buat makalah serupa.


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