Lesson Plan


Group Work : Radina Dwi Rengganis, Musfira Fitria, Muniroh


Subject             : English

Class                : preschool

Topic               : Numbers

Time                : 2 X 45 Minutes


      Standard Competency

Understanding the numbers 1 – 10.


      Basic Competence

Recognizing what numbers which are given by teacher.

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Lesson Plan Class 7 for the Second 2 Weeks Group Work with Ika Indah Sari

1st Week & 2nd Week by Ika Indah Sari


School               :   Junior High School

Subject             :   English

Class                 :   VII

Semester          :   I

Month                :   1(3rd week, 1st meeting)

Language skill  :   Writing

Genre                   :   Descriptive Text

Theme                  :   Person

Topic                     :   Describing Person

Time                      :   2 x 40 minutes

Curriculum         :   2013


A. Competency Standard

Expressing functional significance in oral text and short     monologues very simple form of descriptive to interact with the nearest environment.

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Pinokio was a story telling from Italy, 1148 words.


All picture are from Google

A long time ago, in a small town, there lived an old toymaker named Gepetto. He sold wooden toys that he made to get by. The only thing the old toymaker regretted in his life was not having a child.

One day, when he was walking in the forest, he found just a right log for his new toy.

“Just a log I was looking for. I will make a beautiful puppet with it.”

Gepetto took a log on his back and carried it to his workshop. He put the log on his table and started to carv. But suddenly, something unexpected happened and he heard a voice coming from the log.

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