Apa alasanmu?

Malam ini, Cinta ingin sedikit berbagi, boleh tidak?

Tentang apa, Cinta?

Mmm yang jelas bukan tentang diri ini, apapun keadaan Cinta hari ini, saat ini, no komen, doain saja selalu baik, selalu ceria, masih bersemangat dan ringan senyum apapun yang terjadi. Insya Allah doa Cinta untuk kalian juga demikian guys, aamiin aamiin Ya Robb. \^__^/

Lalu, mau berbagi apa, Cinta? Continue reading “Apa alasanmu?”


An old man without name

pic by sonydesign.wordpress.com

An honest smile are pointed in the heat of the sun that afternoon.  A rumpled hat perched on his head. The hat was always same everyday with hair that almost all of it turned into white. Sober clothes, deep wrinkles on face, and a backless white sandal held to the foot by a dark red thong between the big toe and the second toe. I didn’t know why everytime I saw him I felt amazed. Honestly, when laziness took over my frail body, I started to come here, a minimarket at a crossroads, and then I saw him deeply without he knew. A sequence of prayers suddently arrived, Continue reading “An old man without name”