Lesson Plan


Group Work : Radina Dwi Rengganis, Musfira Fitria, Muniroh


Subject             : English

Class                : preschool

Topic               : Numbers

Time                : 2 X 45 Minutes


      Standard Competency

Understanding the numbers 1 – 10.


      Basic Competence

Recognizing what numbers which are given by teacher.


–          Having identify the numbers 1-10

–           Having abilty recognize the numbers 1 – 10

–          Having mention the numbers 1 – 10



–          The children are able to identify the numbers 1 – 10

–          The children are able to recognize the numbers 1 -10

–          The children are able to rmention the numbers 1 -10



Audio Lingual Method


Teaching Learning Activities



Learning activities teacher children
Pre activity ·        Teacher greets the students: Hello good morning dear, how are you?

·        What did you eat this morning honey?

·        Have you taken breakfast?

·        Did you drink milk this morning?

·        Good you are smart children.

·        You must take a breakfast and drink milk every morning to make our body health.

·        Today we are going to play together.

·        Are you happy?

·        Before that, lets see the video and sing together.

Teacher show the video to the children and teacher repeat the song. And sing together with children.

·        Ok, now everybody must stand up and follow the video together.

·        Good morning
While activity ·        Teacher shows the picture about the numbers and mention one by one to the students.

·        Teacher mention continously about the numbers on the white board.

·        Teacher give the card about the numbers randomly

·        Teacher asks the student to coloring the cards.

·        “Ok now, please coloring the picture by these crayons”.

·        Children pay attention.

·        Children follow the teacher say


Post activity ·        Teacher asks the student to step forward

“ok dear, please come here, and bring your card!

·        Teacher asks the children to take candies based on the card they have.

“ please take the candy” this is one, so you should take one candy.

“Ok, before we go to our home, let’s say and sing together again.

‘ok that is all for today, don’t forget to take a lunch and take nap. Good bye children, have a nice day

·        Children do the teacher asking

·        bye



  • Video
  • Flashcard
  • Candies




Numbers 1 – 10




Match the card of numbers with the candies you have!


Grade Level VII SMP
  • Simple past tense
  • Narrative text
  • To make students understand about simple past and how to use it.


  1. students can identify what

the structure of simple past tense .

  1. students can understand

about it and can use in real activities.

  1. students can explain what

the paragraph using the tense.




















  • Greetings  & prepare the media.
  • LCD Proyektor
  • Power point
  • Give general information of Simple Past tense.
  • Spidol
  • Whiteboard


  • Watch the video.
  • Lcdproyektor
  • Media player
  1. Give more spesific information about the simple past tense
  • The structure
  • Howto make a sentense using this tense.


  • Spidol
  • Whiteboard


  1. Games
  • I have 10 uncompletly sentences.
  • I will give an completly sentences and they are write the complet sentences in white board who is the first and true sentence of the team, they are get point.
  • They are must change the writer of the answer the questions from their group.
  • Spidol
  • Little paper


  1. After that refleksion what they are get in group work .
  1. They are watch the music video and the students will be identification the lyrics using simple past tense or not.
  • Lcdproyektor
  • Media player
  1. Now i will give a paper with 10 sentences and give instructions that was true or false sentences using simple past.
  • Pair work
  • Discuss together
  • Written paper
  1. Games
  • To relax their body, they are stand up and follow the funny video
  • Lcdproyektor
  • Media player

  • Evaluation the lesson today and students have to give comment for the lesson that day
  • Give an assigment to learn this lesson again in their house because next week I will give a Quiz of this lesson.





Narrative text
Activities Minute Media
  1. Greeting and prepared the media to learning.
  • LCD Proyektor
  • Power point
  1. Give review for the lesson in a week ago.
  1. Give Quize such as written test with the 20 questions.
  • Written test
  1. Give anspesific information of narative text.
  • The structure of the narrative text
  • Using the past tense
  • Example of the kind of the narrative text e.g. legend.


  • Spidol
  • Whiteboard


  1. After that watch the video about the narrative story e.g Cinderella story .


  • Lcdproyektor
  • Media player
  1. Working in group consist of 5 students in each groupand discuss about the narrative such as the legend story.
  • Give them a big paper and they are have to drawing their kind of  legend what they choose to share for their friends in the class.
  • Such as they were drawing about the malinkundang story.


  • Big paper
  • Spidol
  1. After that they are have to presentation of the picture  and their friends will give comment or critics of their presentation.


  • Picture who made by the stidents
  1. Evaluation of the lesson that day.
  • The students have to give their comment of the lesson today.


  1. Give assigment
  • They are have to write a narrative text but the topic is they identity.
  • Make a narrative of their self using the stucture of narrative text.


  1. Greetings



The audio lingual method is a method of foreign language teaching which emphasizes the teaching of listening and speaking before reading and writing.

Method learning english with audio, how to correct mistake of pronunciation, how to now standard grammatical within sound, order and form.

A typical lesson in an audio lingual style begins with a dialogue.

Characteristic of audio lingual method :

  1. Dialogue is the media for teaching grammar
  2. No native language used and translation for teaching grammar
  3. Meaning cannot based on the context, its included in drilling system

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