How About Marriage?

How about Marriage?

How About Marriage
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A : Can we talk about that?

B : About what, honey?

A : About our relationship, we have been through three years, haven’t we?

B : Yeah, I have known about that, honey. Did I do something wrong?

A : No, you didn’t do anything wrong. I just wanted a serious relationship. If you loved me…you had to marry me, that’s all.

B : Oh honey, I am sorry but…I am not ready yet. I don’t have enough money. My financial problems, you already knew. I can’t give you a home to make you feel comfortable with, I can’t buy a car to take you to a great place with, I don’t have much time to make you more happy with…and also many reason, so I can do it now. I am so sorry.

A : Heehe, why you tell me some reason show that a marriage such a horrible thing? In my religion, with marriage, your income will increase automatically. Don’t search for fulfillment in your time, because marriage assure you to have more time. Don’t get so nervous about that.

B : Oh honey, I am sorry, I just not ready yet, that’s all.

A : OK, I see. Can we break up for a while?

B : What? Are you kidding me?

A: No…not at all.

B : Serious? 

A : Yes, I am.

B : OK, but you said for a while…for how long honey?

A : Until you ready.

B : Ready for what?

A : ready to marry me. 😁

#HowaboutMarriage? #Readyornot #seriousrelationship #GaMauNikahPutusinAja #NasehatbuatyangkelamaanPacaranπŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ 

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      Mana nopenya mbak Kunu, bohong, katanya Cinta boleh curhat…kapan…πŸ˜₯

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