Man looks like a woman

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He was special person who worked against the bright lights, dark nights. There was no one wanted to live like him, because human beings were created naturally equipped with a conscience, and every conscience certainly clear and pure, I believed that.

From one place to another, wearing clothes that were not supposed to, sometimes flirted, and hated with our gender, “Hawa”.

Actually, that time I was also afraid, scared and got a little bit terrified to see his appearance, equipped with a circular golden yellow musical instrument with bell pretty much within a few centimeters to meet with another bells, I did not know the name of the instrument, but the sound was “icik.. icik… icik… “, with his mediocre sound was twisted as far as he could, he said…

” thanks my dear ” then he just turned away and acted like nothing happened.

The situation became silent, I was speechless, as if there was something had caught in my throat.

Life is a choice, there is nothing wrong, but in second before he had gone, I raised my hand then prayed silently,

My dear God, please, covered his heart with happiness, amien.

  • Sorry for the lack of Spelling, Grammar, and Vocabulary Skills. ^__^>

Note : Indonesian Version had been posted in my other blog on Blogger.Com, please click right here : Lelaki Serupa Perempuan

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    1. hihi, ^__^> masih banyak slahnya koq, tapi tetep mau coba. Udah 2 postingan yg q pake buat matkul Writing, alhamdulillah jd ga mikir lagi :), secara kl disuruh mikir rada lemot. Ini namanya menyelam sambil minum air, belajar sambil ngeblog.

      Ayooo coba Veera 🙂

      Disukai oleh 1 orang

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