The Street Lamp

I saw you in a place that I could reach

Maybe it had been three months

Wonder why time had flown away so fast?

Deep in breath, with a sigh

Feel like just yesterday

The time that we used to spend together

The nights that we used to talk each other

The ideals that we used to share

The past that you had told me because you believed

But now everything had changed?

I should have forgotten…… but why?

Your hair had changed

Your clothes had changed

But I know you are still who you are

Can’t stare into your eyes, cause I don’t dare

Can’t get close, cause maybe you will run away

Can’t follow, cause you had said so

No courage cause I’m just a girl

Wonder which are realitites, which are imaginations?

and then I saw your sadness,

but I had no idea how to show mine

I only know how to keep my tears

and looking out through the window

Pitying the street lamp

that shine alone in the dark.

Dia – Anji feat Cinta1668

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