Novel Review : Terlalu Cinta

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Tittle                            :           Terlalu Cinta

Author                          :           Pelantan Lubuk

Number of Pages        :           310 Pages

Publisher                      :           Mazaya Publishing House, Tasikmalaya – Jawa Barat

Edition                         :           First Published, December 2015


Seven years later … they promised to meet.

Malang is a city where we met, loved each other, and helpless asked for the time to be willing to come back. – Izzat
Malang is a city where we loved each other, helpless to repeat the day, but still could promise : a promise to meet again. – Fidza
– Chant Poems from Fidza to Izzat, Izzat to Fidza –

That feeling did not change, did not budge even a little bit. That face, Fidza’s face still hanging in his heart. Izzat, Izzat Sanubari is his full name, a man from Lombok Island – Mataram who chose to continue his studies in Malang city. He who entered college, seven years ago, is an college activist (Akar Bahar, Kereta, PKM, LSTS, and Booklicious), the chairman of KERETA, a community college teaching poor children in remote villages who rarely got an education. He was a smart chubby sweet dark guy who was caring for each other, and an articulate person, inevitably made him had many friends. It was easy for him to be loved and to be respected by his friends, also to be loved two girls at once, a cheerful girl : Fidza and a fragile one : Tari. In community called AKAR BAHAR, accidentally Izzat met that face, “Fidza”. Unusual feeling, the feeling that suddenly appeared and  drove him crazy, the feeling that he often hid in silence, the feeling that with all his strength he tried to chase it away because she was his best friend’s girl, Farhan.

One of his best friend was Bandi, a young man from Banyuwangi whose dialect was very special. A patient guy : Izzat versus a grumpy one : Bandi, their character were very contrast but this was what actually thickened the meaning of their friendship. They had met in the first community they followed, Akar Bahar. The same community, where Izzat met Fidza for the first time.

There was Laras, Izzat pen pals whom he knew from the community called Jaring Pena, did not often meet, but miraculously, the language of letter was the language of love that deeper than a meeting, there was healthy emotion when inscribed pen to paper.

Many things Izzat learned when he stayed in the community. For example, he recognized Eyang Tulip, where Izzat learned about the meaning of life and living, how to love others, how to have charity for weak people, how to give opportunity teaching them who had never given a chance because of poverty.

1. Forgive yourself. Looked at the past as the past. Did not regret the bad things that ever happened in your life.
2. There is one thing you must make sure when you’re teaching them (proteges), when you’re facing them, LOVE, you must make sure that you were sharing because you loved them, sincerely with all your heart, loved another human being.
3. Someday, if you teach less fortunate children, you will teach them to distinguish between prestigious and honorable. Ideal are anything about honorable job, and honorable absolutely there is no context with how to get lots of money. Honorable is about to step on the right way.
– Eyang Tulip’s quotes –

There was Arini, another friend of Izzat whom he had considered as his sister. Arini had passion to learn something, Arini, the first one who followed community called KERETA, long time ago before the community was named, Arini who was eventually chose as a chairman of KERETA, the second generation after Izzat.

One more, Tari, a girl with past that took Izzat’s attention away, made him confused between love and sympathy.


There are concern, love each other, friendship, and lots of community college. It community open eyes that study in a college is not only about getting good grades, but also immersing ourselves in the society, and giving charity for them.

There is respectable ideal about love of humanity and a wonderful life, HARMONY.

There is love between two human being, love just sympathy, and love that acute writer mentioned as  traumatic love.

There is beautiful diction flows each word by word, the description of Malang city and Mataram as the background story, makes this novel more life and drew deep impression on the reader.


The lack is positioned on the number of pages, 310 pages, for the beginners maybe it is too heavy to be read. However, do not be discouraged, because every sheet by sheet strengthens, strengthens the hand, eyes, and heart to go to the next page until the last page.



I give 4 stars rating for this novel because I could feel that love. Love that strengthens, love sometimes drive someone crazy, sometimes make you smile and cry at the same time, love traumatic … who has taken a half of your heart and did not let it be whole again. I’m sure, the author, Pelantan Lubuk, also have experienced in similar feeling, because every script he tried to describe was so real. This is exactly how I feel today.

If it is true love

Although we are apart

Sure, we’ll meet again

– Page 278 –

Then, who has actually stolen Izzat’s heart? Tari or Fidza?
Are they really meet each other, seven years later?
Are they become one flesh?

Do you wonder? Want to know it more? Just buy this novel! ^__*

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      1. Kan ini ceritanya special buat bang Ical sbg permintaan maaf makanya Cinta buat 2 versi : Indonesia dan English, siapa tahu kelak akan dibuat terjemahan versi Englishnya itu novel, kan Cinta udah buatin dulu Review nya hehe 🙂


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