English Version “About Me”

The other side of me

Cinta Nungky Lestari…

And her nickname is Cinta

She was a woman who loved the bustle, she also loved the art of literature.

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In her idle time, she usually spent time writing and reading novels, short stories, and inspiring books. Cinta was fans of Dewi “Dee” Lestari’s novels, Kahlil Gibran’s Poem, a very warm novels of Winna Effendi, and Ahmad Rifa’I Rif’an’s inspiring books.

If you asked her, “Did Cinta have no another important activity so she could easily blogging, browsing, and googling?”

Hmmm … you were wrong, guys!

Cinta was very busy. Every Monday to Friday, she works in a private company from of 8:00 am. to 5:00 pm. Now, she often does over time-work untill 08.00 pm. Not to mention, every Saturday from 07:30 am to 02:00 pm Cinta has to study with the average of distance about 2-3 hours from her home. She left from home at 5:30 am and the fastest time to be home was at 04:00 pm. If there was a group of assignment from her lecturer, she could be at home until 10.00 pm. She was too busy, sometimes she forgot where to put handphone, her motorcycle key, even her own glasses.

 But it sounded weird, she never forgot how to write, how to compose words by words in her busy time. During her work hours, and if at the same time, her creativity to write appeared, she would speed up her job. Her job that she had to do in 1 hour could be just 15 minutes finished.

 How did it happen?

 Because there was something she wanted to achieve!

Because Cinta was believe, she was born not only to become an accountant!

There was another world. A small world that always lumpy immersed to herself. It world more and more insisted her to appear on the surface. Sometimes, in her head was full of crowded load that always screamed. Yes, that voices wanted to come out immediately in the form of words, only after that, she was relieved. That was why she could feel how D. H. Lawrence’s felt when he said in one of his quote :

 “I like to write stories when I am feeling bad; it feels like a relief sneeze. “

 Either one day, her writings only end up on her simple blog or may become a book but Cinta will never give up.

 Cinta loved literature sincerely, so she would let it flow like the water, until it would make its way through met the estuary of the most convenient for it to go.

 As simple as that, her love in literature … oh, you really should not compare it with any other things!


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