New Blog’s plan

Thanks to you my honeybee. Thanks for everything.


Now, I have an idea to make my own blog again, still in wordpress of course, but with my real name. And in this blog, I’ll try to make positive impact because of broken heart.


About my life,

my dayly activity,

my travelling,

my favorite books,

my best friends also,

About how precious my life, so I don’t want to take it for granted anymore.

About my spiritual journey, yes, last night after I prayed to God, just like the wind whispered to my ears, He told me, “do something, do something important, girl, do positive activity, maybe someday it’ll be useful for the others.”


And I will serve all of it in video. Finally I still hope, maybe oneday, you will see my new blog…you will see the real me in that video.


You still can forget the love

but until now, I have never found the way to forget the affection.


For I know, I feel the affection more than love to you, yeah you, always you.

14 respons untuk β€˜New Blog’s plan’

  1. Cinta punya blog 2 dong? Ntar malah bingung cinta. Mending blog ini aja diganti langsung namanya di pengaturan kan bisa. Nggak usah bikin blog lagi. Kecuali alamatnya sih yang gak bisa diganti he he he…..

    Disukai oleh 2 orang

      1. Gtu ya Rissaid? Cuma jd aneh saja ya, namanya koq beda…ya mgkn nnt q pikirin lg, krn kl video ga mgkn srg2 jg dilakukan. Atau mgkn nnt khusus video q pke nama q yg sbnrnya sja ya. Mksih sarannya Rissaid 😊

        Disukai oleh 1 orang

      2. Mending bikin akun utk Vlog di youtube, nanti di share d blog ini, penjabarannya, jadi yang ga cukup kuota buat nonton misalnya bisa ttp update d blog ini dgn mbaca πŸ™‚

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  2. Cinta jago english nih.. boleh dong kita saling ngomong2 pake english.. biar ngasah english gitu hihi~
    Btw, I know that feeling, cinta.. I wanna share my method to cheer myself up: I call it ‘self healing’ method. It’s not too effective actually, but I think I dont always cry anymore bcs of my problem. Self healing is I just focus to whatever I love, such as novel, game, kpop, movie, dll. I look for whatever that can make me laugh and make me feel better. Then when I’m sad, I do that kind of thing. But the best thing ever is pray to Rabb πŸ™‚

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